Sunday, August 1, 2004

Christian Heritage - July 31 - Let Us Bind Ourselves to Christ

"It is right that we follow the example of John the Baptist and listen to the outstanding works Christ has done, even when we are bound by the chains of our sins. So powerful is the word of God that we shall be set free by its efficacy and sing triumphantly with the prophet: Lord, you have broken my bonds; I will offer you the sacrifice of praise. Let us bind ourselves to Christ as his disciples and with ardent desire and constant prayer humbly beg him to be our teacher, so that, taught by him, we may believe in him as true Messiah and, as believers, may love him with pure hearts as we ought.

"Finally, let us in every place keep our hearts focused on our king as a powerful example. By word and deed he makes it clear that he is Messiah and true Christ; let us likewise show ourselves complete Christians in his image by our faith that works through love, for the Lord says: Behold, I am coming quickly, to render each according to his works. If these works are holy, they will not leave their doers until they have led them into heaven and everlasting glory, by the the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit through all ages. Amen."

Alonso de Orozco, O.S.A. (AD 1500-1591), Second Sunday of Advent, Sermon 3: Opera Omnia I, 77

De Orozco was an Augustinian friar and great preacher of the court of Spain under Charles V. He authored many spiritual treatises and was prominent in the golden age of Spanish literature. Consider indeed his younger peer, Miguel De Cervantes.

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