Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Even Steven

As you may know, my girlfriend, Allison, was here in Taichung for about two weeks recently and she helped me see things I'd taken for granted over the course of my first year here. One of her many observations was how convenient the pricing system is: no decimals! (Not to mention tax is already figured into the prices!) Everything is $NT500 or $NT385 or $NT40 or etc. You may also know I'm a maths nincompoop, so I realize now how much easier it's been for me to tabulate purchases on my way to the cashier without carrying 9s and 5 across the decimal barrier. (On second thought, maybe that's not so good. Maybe it's *good* for my maths anxiety to slow me down in the bookstore...)

That's all. Just a passing compliment to Taiwan. On we go.

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