Monday, August 2, 2004

New link day!

(also henceforth available on my sidebar in the "Blogs" section)

  • Tim Enloe's building a classically Protestant, subversively Catholic Societas Christiana -- it's like a really intellectual Sims game.

  • Enter the Gaits of Eden via Dawn Eden's always stimulating blog, The Dawn Patrol, and her way cool blog The Gates of Eden

  • Though it's a bit like sipping from a firehose, I recommend The Reformed Catholicism blog.

  • Not only does The Pontificator (an Anglican priest) run a superb one-man theological review, Pontifications, but he's also a Redskins fan! Check him out!

  • One of the leading lights in the new Reformed Catholicism movement, Kevin Johnson runs a Whirlwind.

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