Monday, August 2, 2004

Off with his OS!

Research Says Linux Servers Mostly Hack-Free

Folks, let me just say this, since I have no time to elabortate: get rid of Microsoft (and Mac) as your OS (operating system) and use Linux ("linnucks"). It's just like Windows -- only faster, safer and totally free. Unless you're a gamer of any kind, and unless you're completely lazy when it comes to computer adjustments, Linux is what you need. Granted, running Linux takes a little more effort to "interface" with your "command line," but, as this article notes, it really pays off.

I finally took Erick's (my roommate's) advice and read Neal Stephenson's (long) essay, In The Beginning... Was the Command Line (online here). Of course, I'm not about to feel bad for using Windows and I don't mean to imply you should. I plan to use both (Windows in one hard drive partition and Linux in the other). I mean, I admit, it's awfully nice just to click your way nimbly through a glitzy, very-user-friendly GUI (graphic user interface) like Windows without facing that scary black and white "DOS-like stuff." But, ultimately, running Windows is the weaker, more perilous way. Man up.

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