Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tawk amongst yaselves

[A chilly March day in Siberia. Two roommates are cleaning their apartment before company arrives. Zubrowka is holding a crystal decanter, Stolichnaya, a tattered fly swatter.]

Zubrowka: "Can I ask you a question?"

Stolichnaya: "You just did." [squealing laughter]

Zubrowka: [nonplussed silence]

Stolichnaya: "But seriously, go ahead, what?"

Zubrowka: "Hmm, how should I put this? ... Are you... aware of any... special meaning in your Jewish heritage, as a Christian?"

Stolichnaya: "No, not really." [shakes decanter and peers inside, pauses] "I mean, I never did anything with it...."

Zubrowka: "Well, I mean, does your Jewish background mean anything to you as a Christian?" [swats at a passing fly]

Stolichnaya: "Well, I guess it's important...."

Zubrowka: "It is. I mean...."

Stolichnaya: [sits down on couch] "Yeah, I've read Jews are still the chosen people...." [puts decanter on coffee table]

Zubrowka: "Right."

Stolichnaya: "...but I don't really understand that."

Zubrowka: "Well, they are the chosen people. And the thing for us, as Christians, is that... that what we have in Christ is based on the promises God made to the Jews. So...."

Stolichnaya: "Right. Okay." [crosses legs and runs his fingers through his hair]

Zubrowka: "So if God fails them... or lets them go completely...."

Stolichnaya: "Right, right, yeah."

Zubrowka: "If God doesn't keep his promises to them, then our promises are...."

Stolichnaya: "No good."

Zubrowka: "...crap."

[The doorbell rings. Stolichnaya grabs the decanter and stands up to greet the guests. Zubrowka swats at another fly and then hurries into the bathroom.]

Please discuss this little dialogue. I'm very curious what other people think about the relationship between the Jewish and Christian covenants. What does it mean that Jews are still "God's chosen people"? What doesn't it mean?

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