Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Yes, I am alive

Sort of.

A quick bellyache update and then I need to hobble off to work.

Norfolk was a very good time. Finally saw _The Grudge_ (6/10), _Amelie_ (6/10) and _Napoleon Dynamite_ (8/10). Despite its lethargic pace, I LOVED _Napoleon_. Highly quotable and so delectably weird!

Sparing you the details, I made it back to Taichung about 2330, got mostly unpacked, and caught about five hours of sleep before starting the new semester procotoring two tests. A cinch. Yesterday, alas, was no cinch. I taught six hours straight and was pretty emptied by the end. Then I went to dinner and about 2130 I crashed: sudden weakness and fatigue. In a move that must certainly have chilled hell for a moment, I took some echinachea and astragalus, and fell asleep around 2230. Then it was into a night of intermittent wake-up calls from my aching body and stuffed, oozing nose.

I was of a mind to go to Chinese class, but better sense won out and I've been resting at home all morning. (Real rest, too, not my usual stubborn reading-or puttering-when-I-should-just-sleep rest!) I feel much better, but also know I'm "this" close to relapsing if I push too hard. I've postponed my German class to next week and now all I must do is trudge through four class hours. God be with me.

I've had plenty of ideas to blog about, but of late, no time or energy to blog about them. I think this stretch has been part of my Lenten co-sufferings with Christ. My weakness and suffering, endured and offered up in faith, unites me to His death, which in turn unites me with His resurrection.

Okay, off I hobble.

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