Saturday, February 5, 2005

Ulcerior motives

Hi gang, as I posted in the BULLETIN BOARD, "I've been in the hospital the past few days, but now I'm out. I knew I'd beat the rap. Your prayers are and always will be appreciated."

Yeah, Monday night I fought an upset stomach until it erupted into vomfest trailing blood. And then again 15 minutes later. And then were off to the hospital for more shivering, fatigue, dizziness, a third round of violent puking, an NG tube placement -- resulting in more puking. A few hours later I had my first endoscopy -- which was actually the most pleasant part of the whole treatment -- followed by the usual assault of blood draws, IV bag changes, aches and grunts and patches of sweat. It's nice to be able to eat real food again and start at least a month of medication and no beer. Now THAT'S what I call a vacation trip halfway around the world![1] (But seriously, it was so encouraging and humbling to see so many people come out of the woodwork to care for me, whether by phone, prayer or visit.)

Tomorrow morning I head off to NC with my dad to see my little brother and others. And then I close out the trip home with a few days in Norfolk.

I spent a little time today, after being discharged, dredging out my email accounts and modifying FCA. Eyes open.

[1] ;op

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