Thursday, November 10, 2005

Highly linkable

I ran across this cool "Black Catholic Information Mall" and wanted to pass it along to any interested readers. I think solidarity like this within the Church is great (as long as it doesn't become cliquish and insular, of course). The Church's unity is strengthened, and in fact, defined by its multiplicity. A oneness in truth does not negate a plurality of truth-seekers, just as oneness of meaning does not negate a harmony of many different voices. The truth rises on the chorus of faith, while the chorus can only hang together on the axis of truth.

I wonder, does Africa have a patron saint, like Europe has Sts. Benedict, Bridget, Catherine, Cyril & Methodius and Teresa Benedicta of the Cross? For that matter, does Asia? (Obviously, I could Google it etc., but I'm curious to hear from readers about this sort of thing.)

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