Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Is it even worth my time, or yours,...

...to mention I have been having PC troubles?

I guess it was.

Stay tuned.


Good news! First, I did get some sensitivity training, so my computer now thinks I'm 'PC' enough to work with. Second, three of my announced big projects -- prayer tips from the Cogitator (a.k.a. Sir Teach-A-Lot, a.k.a. Teacher Silk, a.k.a. me), my series on 'simplifying' Chinese, and my series on population issues -- are all on the verge of finally seeing the light of day at FCA! Once these are out of the way, I can work much more quickly through my personal anecdotes and photos, and then hopefully finalize my last three big series: 1) on confession and sacramentalism, 2) on historical Jesus issues and 3) on the ideology of pro-abortionists. Write it down! Tell your friends! Bring your pets!

Alas, some of my proposed 'TO DO' topics (like the Assumption and Mariology, or the issue of merit), will likely get shelved for a season. Why? I will soon begin a distance Master's degree in theology (from www.cdu.edu), and am therefore intent on 'downsizing' FCA's demands in my life.

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