Friday, November 11, 2005

Secular Catholicism

+ the liturgical year is usurped by 'season sales'; our rhythms become commercial and consumerist rather than penitential and evanglical

+ confession is usurped by 'real TV' (Jerry Springer, etc.); vulnerable authenticity is no longer seen as a pathway to the God of mercy, but a shortcut to the god of Mammon

+ worship is usurped by musical concerts; When's the last time you raised your voice or your hands to God? To your favorite CD or performer?

+ icons and saints are usurped by fashion trinkets, market idols and comic heroes (e.g., the 'i am what i am' Puma shoes; car commercial showing a man outrace death; etc.)

+ the drama of the liturgy is replaced by the drama of the cinema (and the 'sinema'); We may easily spend more time browsing the pen section of a stationery store than we do adoring the Blessed Sacrament, before, during or after Mass.

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