Friday, November 27, 2009

Shibboleth, schmibboleth...

Today's shibboleths.

Can't challenge Darwinism in any way.

Can't raise any worries about gay sex and/or contraception and/or abortion.

Can't assert your own faith as your highest personal value and can't suggest it is objectively good and true for all people.

Can't suggest humans might differ in any unique way from other animals (related to the Darwinist landmine).

Can't pick at the global warming "thing".

These are the "good citizen" hurdles of our day. Comply and you shall be "advanced." Resist and you shall be "old-fashioned."


WAR_ON_ERROR said...

It seems you just did on all counts.



The Cogitator said...

Ben, long time no see. So you still know of my blog.

As fo' crashin' thu them cult'ral hurdles, Ah aims t' please. ;)

WAR_ON_ERROR said...

Yes, I have it RSSed in google reader.

Happy Thanksgiving, btw. I suggest being thankful you really are free to express your opinion on these issues. Doesn't mean others won't freely express their disgust as is their equal right.

I'm just glad the theists don't figure out they outnumber the nonbelievers and decide they don't like our existence anymore. :D