Thursday, November 26, 2009

Signs of life…

ADDENDUM to "The eyes have it…", an earlier post on final causality:

"'The knowledge of a thing’s purpose never leads to a knowledge of the thing itself.' [note 62, citing R. des Cartes] He does not seem to realize that anyone who does not know what an eye is for does not know what an eye is."

–– Robert Augros, "Nature Acts for an End", p. 25.


ADDENDUM to my earlier post on so-called "Fourfold Semiotics":

"Of all living things we can say that they are semiosic creatures, creatures which grow and develop through the manipulation of sign-vehicles and the involvement in sign-processes, semiosis. What distinguishes the human being among the animals is quite simple, yet was never fully grasped before modern times had reached the state of Latin times in the age of Galileo. Every animal of necessity makes use of signs, yet signs themselves consist in relations, and every relation (real or unreal as such) is invisible to sense and can be understood in its difference from related objects or things but never perceived as such. What distinguishes the human being from the other animals is that only human animals come to realize that there are signs distinct from and superordinate to every particular thing that serves to constitute an individual in its distinctness from its surroundings."

–– John Deely, "The Semiotic Animal: A postmodern definition of human being superseding the modern definition ‘res cogitans’", p. 10.


Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me asking, What is witht he Black Bars, that covers up links? its very distracting


The Cogitator said...


Black bars? What black bars? Who sent you? Who do you work for? ;) Consider them nerdy counter-intelligence measures.

I hope the bars don't distract you too much from the conent. It's based partly on how cool I think black-bar censored text is, but also on a theory about reading and hand-eye coordination. I believe that "forcing" readers to "touch" the text as they encounter links enhances focus and comprehension, by integrating the kinesthetic and visual learning modalities.

Anything you'd like to see me discuss at FCA?


tap said...

Sorry for responding late, i lost all my bookmarks an reinstalling a new Opera browser, but anyways, i was trying to read your post on the "Eastern Papal Florigelium." and couldn't move past those black bars dude. Hopefully your fascination with the CIA or whatever it is that causing you to alter the HTML thing would end soon. argghhhh!

God Bless