Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gym regimen – June 2010

30 June 2010
88kg, BMI: 25–25.5
90+ mins
"A2" workout: Biceps and Quads

Warmup: 60 jumping jacks and calisthenics/stretching

Abs (one exercise per set): Incline situps: 26x @ 10kg; Lever ab pulldown: 20x @ 30kg; Seated oblique twists: 24x @ 30kg;

Supine leg lifts 40x [Abs began each set]

Squat: 12x @ 50kg, 10x @ 55kg, 8x @ 60kg, 8x @ 65kg

Hack squat: 12x @ 50kg, 10x @ 55kg, 8x @ 57.5kg, 8x @ 60kg

Dumbbell step up: 12x @ 10kg, 10x @ 10kg, 8x @ 12kg, 6x @ 12.5kg

Chinups: 10x, 10x, 10x, 10x

Prone dumbbell incline curl: 10x @ 10kg, 8x @ 12kg, 6x @ 12.5kg

Alternating hammer curl: 10x @ 12kg, 8x @ 12kg, 6x @ 12.5kg

Cooldown: Ski slalom machine @ 15 mins (180+ pulse)


More on that cultural observation from yesterday. Today I saw a trainer, not merely a gym monkey, starting his shift by smoking at least one cigarette at the entrance. What can I say?

In my last twenty minutes or so at the gym, I noticed two young guys talking by the tri pulldown machine and, fifteen minutes later, when I finished my ski machine cooldown, they were still there talking. Now, they very well may have "done stuff" while I wasn't looking, but somehow I doubt it. They were less sweaty than previously, as far as I could tell.

Why do I mention such a "petty" detail? Just to stroke my ego? That might be true, perhaps, at some 'Freudian' level, but in fact the reason it struck me is because I had just finished my cooldown and was truly "feeling" the prior 90 minutes of pumping iron. I set it for 15 minutes but by about 5 minutes my flesh was really whimpering to call it off and just go home a little early. I finished it, and went hands-free (no leaning on or holding the handle bar) the last two minutes, and as I got on my scooter to leave, I realized that sort of cooldown is exactly what I need––and what I will continue to use––as the "mental training" of my regimen. It was fascinating, to 'hear' my body pleading to step down and just be happy with the routine I'd just finished. But I fought through and that small victory was just what I needed.

Speaking of my routine, it was a good time. I think I did a good job of not lunging out too heavy too fast. Patience is a real part of progressive training, a longterm mental discipline. The dual insecurity of either not screaming with exertion at the end of every set or not doing as much as other guys, or both, makes for a micro-weekend warrior syndrome. I'm giving myself about a month––four cycles of my introductory 4-day routine I found online––to strengthen my tendons and ligaments a bit and lay a stable foundation before really leaning in to battle the iron.

Stay tuned.

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