Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ghosts to each other…

Ghosts we are
To each other we are ghosts
To each other
Saying boo without a word
And a lot of boohoo
without you know who
Ghosts to each other
You shoe me off
and boo me off
the stage
As if it were just a stage
just a phase
Just a phantasm
Phased out, phantastic
But I say boo to all your booing boo-boos
Digging well after well
to find what made me well
Filling well after well
with tears that make me ill
And you, you there
Throwing up
and blowing up
wall after wall
to wall me away
as you walk away
trying to walk me off
like a cramp you loved your whole youth
Walling and walking
shoeing and booing me off
into wall after wall
But walls work both ways
I can't come in
but you can't go out
You made me a ghost
And became a ghost in ghosting me
But don't you know
ghosts can walk through walls?
Unless the walls they make
are as ghostly as themselves
Walls you boo up
that won't let you really walk away
until I blow them up
Booing up wall after wall
just more for me to walk through
since I won't walk away
I won't be walked off
once you locked on
Ghosts to each other
Grasping what haunts us
Haunting everything we try to grasp
to gasp
From all that damned booing
And phantastic gooing
And own-eye-gouging, self-starving, stoical shoeing away
I don't mind being a ghost
if you don't mind making yourself my host

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