Saturday, January 1, 2011

Again with the goofy Blogger comboxing!

[Posting it here cuz it won't stick at Feser's blog! Must be a sign. No more blogivanting today!]

As for you, JT, I'm at a loss for words. I agree you show strongly bipolar tendencies on this blog (cf. e.g. your "fatherly" response to the young Boots McKenzie guy vs your sauntering sophomoric sophistry on most other occasions). You need a break from the blogosphere. You've hunched yourself into a self-caricaturizing embarrassment to progressive Catholics and I want to be charitable by interpreting your increasingly arch behavior as a manifestation of grief over losing your dog. Replying to someone as a "fart smeller", as a genuine retort means only one thing: you lose at the Internets. You lose, sir! I encourage you––and myself, while I'm at it––to spend more time before the Blessed Sacrament and less time before your computer screen.

– Codgitator

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