Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HTML for columns in Blogger...

{table border="1"}{colgroup}{col valign="top" width="50%"}{colgroup}{col valign="top" width="50%"}{thead}{tr}{th}LATIN{/th}{th}ENGLISH{/th}{/tr}{/thead}{tbody}{tr}{td}Put the Latin here{/td}{td}Put Enlgish here{/td}{/tr}{/tbody}{/table}

(Replace {} with <>.)

I got this code in the combox of this post at the Smithy. Sullivan posted a lovely little poem by Notker of St Gall and I will now put it in a column-box to get a feel for this HTML.

Hoc praesens diecula loquitur
adaucta longitudine,
quod sol verus radio sui
luminis vetustas mundi
depulerit genitus tenebras.

Nec nox vacat novi
sideris luce,
quod magorum oculos
terruit scios:

Nec gregum magistris
defuit lumen,
quos praestrinxit claritas
militum dei.

Gaude, dei genetrix,
quam circumstant obstetricum vice
concinentes angeli
gloriam deo.
This present little day proclaims,
its length increased,
that the true Sun by the ray
of its light has driven off
the ancient darknesses of the world.

Nor does this night lack
the light of the new star,
which terrified the knowing
eyes of the magi:

Nor was light lacking
for the masters of their flocks,
who were stricken by the brightness
of the soldiers of God.

Rejoice, O god-bearer,
who instead of midwives are surrounded
by angels singing in harmony
glory to God.

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