Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Because without cause…

Because jazz exists, determinism is false. Note the use of the words "form", "developed", "substance", and "play".

Jazz is inherently indeterministic yet real, therefore reality is indeterministic.

This is an inuition akin to the role of Bach's music in coming to see the existence of God.

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Isaac said...

First, my only experience with the drums is with guitar hero and I suck. So what Mr Jones can do is really impressive to me.
I don't know if you really need to go into the determinism thing anymore as you covered it for a while now. So feel free to not respond to this comment, enjoy some of that non virtual life.

I don't know if I agree with music being indeterministic briefly for the following reasons. Because some things sound good and because it takes experience to be good I would think if anything these are aspects of determinism. Further because musicians have particular styles I wonder if the seemingly indeterministic nature of jazz is more of our inability to see the patterns. I always thought music was math expressed through sound anyway.

I found an interesting article from Wired, I'll put the link at the end. Currently they are able to recreate musical pieces from musicians that have passed based on old recordings. A goal will be to eventually have the computer create new musical pieces based on the style of the dead musician. I think this would be a win for the deterministic argument of music if they find success. By the way I'm trying to learn the piano, I'm at the basics again hacking away at Twinkle Twinkle little star. I'm very impressed by how good the composer was albeit his performance being redone from a computer.