Monday, August 2, 2004

Just when I thought life in Taiwan couldn't get any funnier...

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The comedians Song Sau-ching and Feng Yi-kang of Comedians Workshop want to show the audience how comedy touches the deepest part of the human heart. Their performances are rich with common sense and deep reflections on life.

I'm waiting with baited breath for Borders to start carrying Chinese Comedy for Dummies, Comedic Feng Shui, and Chinese Stand-Up for the Soul.

In March 2002, Song and Feng went to Beijing to learn the art of Chinese Stand-up Comedy from Charng Bao-hua,

Only the Chinese would make stand-up an "art". I'm reminded of Bill Cosby's line about he and his wife *learning* how to give birth: "Intellectuals are people that study what other people just do."

one of China's top ten comedians.

I'm sure these ratings are firmly fixed in red by Beijing, right?

When enriched with dramatic tension, their performances transmit a more profound joy to their audiences.

The programs "The Master Comedian is Coming" and "The 6th Dramatic Village" are rarely seen as part of Master Charng's performances. Besides spreading the true meaning of humor, these comedians want to introduce the art of Chinese Stand-up Comedy to audiences in Taiwan.

Oh, can this artsy fartsy business. I've seen firsthand the Taiwanese already know how to get their laughs: either by watching foreigners try to speak Chinese or just by drinking and shouting late at night at a corner rice and noodle eatery.

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