Monday, August 2, 2004

Speaking of comedy...

A guy is driving through the countryside one day when he gets lost. He stops in at a monastery to ask for directions. The abbot invites him in and tells him the way back to the city.

As they're walking and talking, the guy notices a small white door with a huge emerald in the middle of it. He asks the abbot about it.

"Oh, that's a very special door."

"What's behind it?" the guy asks.

"That's a secret. You'd have to be a monk for ten years before gaining entry."

Grateful for the directions, but a little bothered by the secret door, the guy drives home.

Months later, he gets lost in the same countryside, stops in at the same monastery, gets then same directions from the same abbot, sees the same white door, and gets the same polite rebuff.

"Ten years?"

"Yes, my good man," the abbot answers, "At least ten years of monastic devotion before you can see what's behind the door."

Thankful again, but now even more irritated about the door, the guy heads home.

Maybe a year later he gets lost in the same countryside and goes through the same drill with the abbot.

"All right, that does it! I WANT to know what's behind that door."

The next day he's a monk.

Ten years pass.

Finally, one day he asks the abbot for the key to the white door. "As you wish, brother."

The guy rushes to the door, unlocks it, pushes the emerald and the door opens. There he sees a smaller green door with a massive ruby in the middle of it. He tries the key, pushes the ruby and sees another, smaller blue door door with a huge diamond in its center. He tries the key, pushes the diamond and sees --!

He's astounded! Speechless! He weeps! Do you know what he saw behind that door!?

Well, you'd have to be a monk for ten years to find out.

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