Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ecce venio, Domine, ut faciam voluntatem tuam!

Just to be clear, I hope Alexander of Macedon (in a combox below), or any other Orthodox reader, knows that I have as much respect and affection for Orthodoxy as I can muster short of entering it as the one full true Church. My submission to Rome is meant primarily as a positive acceptance of the good in the West AND the East. It just so happens, though, that it is also, consequently, a negative rejection of what I see as the few but crucial lacunae of Orthodoxy. My appreciation for the riches of Western Roman Catholic orthopraxis is meant in no way as a dig against the "inferior" Orthodox. Mine is not an anti-Orthodox faith but only a slightly more pro-Rome faith. Fortunately for me, appreciating the goodness of Orthodoxy does not weigh against the truth of Rome.

It's sort of like marrying the girl you love because it won't work out with the girl you first loved. Both relationships are full of love and splendor and holiness -- but marriage is more than affection. It requires the proper order of headship as well.

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