Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Home again, home again

I go home for 15 days in 8. I'll drop off my gifts -- yes, Christmas gifts -- to my peoples and pick up mondo books waiting for me in a handful of houses. I plan to stay in Jacksonville, FL, Montreat, NC, and Norfolk, VA. Whoosh!

I had today off since I had no finals to invigilate. After a nice morning of sleeping in, praying and trying to learn the Nicene Creed in Mandarin, I spent most of this afternoon and evening with my good friend doing-sorting-and-folding laundry, cleaning my filthy room and apartment, and cooking -- and now I'm no longer naked, hungry or in a filthy room and apartment. (All I need now is to take a shower. Four days is long enough, right?)

Life here is wonderful, but it will also be nice to get away for a bit.

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