Saturday, January 15, 2005

Veritable yellow poop storms

[I posted this comment on Dr. Phil Blosser's blog (well, one of his blogs) in reference to his modest and legitimate claim that "the conception of a legitimately exercised universal Petrine jurisdiction is attested to in Church history well before the Eastern Schism of 1054, even by an Eastern father such as St. Maximus the Confessor."]

It caused a veritable yellow poop storm the last time I drew it to readers' attention, but I encourage you to have a look at my post about Eastern testimony to Roman primacy/supremacy.[1]

I'm bracing myself once again for waving hands about how (supposedly) none of these quotes DEMANDS a Vatican I-style papacy and thus can’t be used to support it.

Never mind how any of it ALLOWS for contemporary EO autocephalism. Never mind how RCs are the only folks on the planet willing and able to echo these Eastern Fathers. Watch for shifting burdens of proof and semi-heretical M.O.’s. The patristic and ecclesiological rigorism of EOs that deny juridical papal supremacy was explicitly and unexceptionally taught/lived in the pre-schism Church is exactly how JWs and Mormons argue against Nicea from the pre-Nicene Church (and how Reformeds deny the validity of Nicea II). Strange bedfellows all.

[1] The sweetest irony is how St. Maximus' theology of supraontological unity allegedly avoids and even dissolves the papalism he spouted!

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