Saturday, January 15, 2005


Story idea:

A book of short stories, each about the writer's worst fears (e.g., a truly Machiavellian/Orwellian Catholic Church, totally erratic physical "laws", always being at a loss for words, perpetually catching only glimpses of would-be soulmate's face, etc.) Each story is connected by a brief intro by the writer. The final such "monologue" is, in fact, the final fear: to be trapped in a book and to be closed away forever once all the stories are read.

"I haven't been completely forthright. Not all of these fears are just nightmares. One of them is reality. ... I can feel it coming. You're getting tired of me. We're reaching the end. The light is fading and soon you will slip me into an abyss as dark and staid as the ink on this page. But, please, don't go, please. I'll keep talking, just odn't put me down. I'll never forget your touch, your fingertips, your breath. ..."

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