Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Missal me much?

At last, oh God at last, I have a copy!

Rightly called the Cadillac of missals, Our Sunday Visitor’s latest sixth edition (NASB) has many Latin-original texts, all the year's reading weekday and Sunday readings, a calendar of the solemnities, feasts, memorials and saints, and oodles of prayers and advice. My copy is a loaner from Providence University, care of Fr. Ramón, but considering I'm one of probably only two people in the whole Prov. U. area that needs or wants an English missal -- well, I hope to borrow it indefinitely (care of Fr, Ramon, of course). Now I can read along WITH the Church! I can keep pace with the liturgy each week (each day, for that matter!) and not be -- quite as -- disoriented when I make it to Sunday Mass.

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