Thursday, January 10, 2008

I know a man…

…who is studying Greek. And he, this man I know, wanted me to pass along some things he's learned in his studies. Maybe it will help someone else studying Greek.

α) In modern and reconstructed Koine Greek, we say "alphabet" as "η αλφάβιτα" which is pronounced "eh alFAvita", not "eh alphaBAYta".

β) His mnemonic for the Greek alphabet:

Α α Angels
Β β Bring
Γ γ God's
Δ δ Deliveries
Ε ε Everywhere
Ζ ζ Zero
Η η Heroes
Θ θ Think [i.e., worry, plan]
Ι ι If
Κ κ Killers
Λ λ Lose [i.e., are defeated, jailed]
Μ μ [MN: Minnesota]
Ν ν [MN: Minnesota]
Ξ ξ [≡ is materially eQUIvalent to, this letter being a "ksi [q'si]" sound]
Ο ο [OR: Oregon]
Ρ ρ [OR: Oregon; OP, omicron-rho, being "OR" for Oregon]*
Π π Please
Σ σ [ς] Scribble
Τ τ The
Υ υ Ypsilon
Φ φ Phony
Χ χ Choreography [is performed for]
Ψ ψ Pyschiatric
Ω ω Observation

* I have been to neither Minnesota nor Oregon and I know they are different, but in the world of mnemonics, any Eselsbrücke ("donkey bridge," memory link) must do. MN is a big northern state with lots of "nature"…and, hey, so is OR! How convenient a parallel! I suppose this man, whom I know, could also use the idea that "MN [men] are materially equivalent to [≡] ORcs"!

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