Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who is that "A'doh'GA"?

A'doh'GA is the not so polite Taiwanese term for "foreigner" (I believe it is Taiwanese for "long nose").

Well, there is one long nose the people of Taichung will be significantly more familiar with, if, that is, they happen to read January's issue of 閃亮台中 (Shining Taichung), the Taichung City government's monthly. Because I knew someone who knew someone who was looking for a foreigner to interview, my someone told her someone he had his foreigner: Elliot Bougis, 帛亞山.

The interview went well, and the editor was stunned, tickled, really, by how good my Chinese was and by how happily I had adapted to Taiwan (the traffic excluded, of course!!). A parent of one or two of my students got a copy of the January issue and when the kids brought it to school, all week was one long series of jokes (usually about my name and, to my chagrin, its phonetic resemblance to a certain male phenomenon, one which middle school boys, alas, can't help but find raucously fascinating) and marvels and humble demurs on my part.

Basically, the article makes a lot of my hearty attitude and aptitude for languages and for my atypical taste in local foods.

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Karen the Munchy said...

love the interview! haha... wow, 帥哥! seriously, i dont get your name, elliot bougis, in chinese. :D

i felt it when you mentioned about the humbleness to the editor. man, you are just an excellent role model for me to look up to. i want to learn italian but i lack the seriousness you have in acquiring new languages.

Can I show Hong the interview? he'd love to read it. :)

he says hi, btw.