Friday, January 25, 2008

Le mystère de la vie humaine…

La peur ne se commande pas. De la même façon, l'amour ne se commande pas.

Fear can't be controlled. In the same fashion, love can't be controlled.

The bad news is that we are stuck in the middle.

The good news is that the middle can always shift.


Karen the Munchy said...

so what is the "middle" you are referring to?

the Cogitator said...

The middle is the state of mind and the "vector" of the will that exists between fear and love. Attaching oneself to something or someone, or running from them, is determined by how much fear or love is in our hearts. We cannot escape this "dialectic"; we fear because love makes us vulnerable and we love because it eases our fears. We cannot escape that conflict, but we can learn to give one "pole" dominance over the other. Love and fear are emotions but not purely emotions; they can be trained and cultivated, for good or ruin. So while we may work towards a life shifted over to love, we still deal with the smoke of fear. That is good news. Love wins, even if it soot-stained all the way.