Sunday, November 21, 2004

Beards! Books! Beer! Hoorah!

(In no particular order of enjoyment...)

Erick "DJ Skullfog" Banks has punched it in and the Second Annual International Beard-A-Thon (IBAT2) is underway! I'm saddened to see Devin "Least Likely to Leave Your Kids Alone With" Kaun is not in the running, but I can tell I've got my work "cut" out for me with all these new virile competitors. No matter. I've already dispatched my elite hit squad of Norelco Ninjas to observe and, if necessary, shear the most aggressive competitors. Team Taiwan is not intimidated and will not be outbearded. (You have been warned.)

A small hope: in order to maximize the "international" factor of the IBAT, I say Erick grows for Team Mexico. Mexico's in his blood... even if facial hair isn't.

Well, I still need to get my charity sponsor. Hmmm.... For now, I'll leave you with my start-up and recent two-week photos:

with new Webbed Foot Feature!

with new Optimal Repulsion Feature!

with new Lower Lip Drool Guard!

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