Monday, November 1, 2004

Bizzy bizzy bizzy...

German's been getting in my blood again and I've been restless to keep it up. Hence, the Kaschnitz. Hence, by providence, the German conversation partners at Starbucks (neither of which had heard of Kaschnitz). Hence, also by providence in a double sense, I discovered a multilingual school only blocks from my home.

I was returning from my Bible study at Providence University (Fr. Ramon was spending time with other priest in Taichung) and I missed my usual stop at Geant. I got off the bus as soon as I could which turned out to be a random strip of the road when the bus hit a red light. I reached the sidewalk and, for some strange reason (so as to feign I intentionally got off at such a random spot), I walked away from my apartment building. And then I say the Ocean English Private Teaching. I assumed it was just a school that offered English to people in almost any language, but I felt an urge to check it out. Turns out, they teach Spanish, Chinese, French, English, German and Italian (if not more). They initially assumed I was applying for a job, which, if I stay another year, isn't too bad an idea, if I can get my German up to real speed.

Mopping up my drool, I spoke with a consultant and may have gotten a private Spanish and German tutor for the next three months at least (24 classes each, German once a week, Spanish twice a week). My teachers will come to my house for 100 minute sessions. Feeling inspired (and having put it off long enough), I also hope to begin biweekly Chinese lessons. Altogether it's not what I'd call cheap, and the extra time commitments will be a challenge, but it's also not what I'd dare call a waste of time. I'm prepared to sacrifice a couple other activities and I know from my time in college that I function best on a full schedule. I've mapped out my schedule and it's do-able. I'll of course give it all some thought and prayer.

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