Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Gearing up

In the next few days, I intend to email several people, which have expressed willingness in dialoguing with me, some questions about the "pros and cons" (hideous turn of phrase, but there it is) of Orthodoxy and Catholicism, particularly as each sees the other. I know a handful of Orthodox folks and some Catholics that I want to dig into the big issues with.

While I'm drafting that letter, I implore you, O kind and wise readers, to suggest any good Q's you think I should ask. As in, what are the big hurdles for Orthodoxy and Catholicism, respectively? What are the strong cases each has "over" the other? The follwong are the skeltons of what I plant to send:

+ the differences between Trinitarian simplicity vs. Trinitarian relations (and their importance for other issues)

+ caesaropapism vs. papism

+ tollhouses vs. purgatory

+ baptism, confirmation and paedocommunion

+ confession (to a priest or bishop) and penance

+ original sin: how does the (Augustinian) penal view nullify the (Orthodox) existential/corruption view? If Mary was subject to original sin (in the latter snese), was Christ, then, also subject to it?

+ a primacy of honor without a primacy of power -- really? how so?

+ the warning of falling away given to the church of ROME (cf. Romans 11)...

+ the deuterocanonicals -- inspired or not?

+ how or why should Marian dogmas be kept apart from the total, binding kerygma?

+ where is the infallible "mouth" of the infallible Church?

PLEASE leave your objections, questions or suggestions here.

Thanks and good night! (Does this post make any sense?)

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