Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Second Annual International Beard-A-Thon (2004)!!!

I doubt many of you readers know about last year's Beard-A-Thon. (If you followed the link, you now know, even if you still don't care to.)

Well, it's that glorious time of year again. I, Elliot "Gulag Fry Cook" Bougis[1], last shaved at 1 AM on 1 November. I will not shave again, except for some licit and minimal throat edging, until January 1, 2005.[2] Due to laziness, fatigue and sloppiness on my part, I will not be able to submit an initial photo, but I do plan to post the two-week, one-month and two-month-finale shots. I'm debating submitting a one-week start-up shot, resubmitting last year's first pic[3], or using my DigiMe portrait[4] to dramatic ironic effect.

Now it's time for Erick "The Mexican Broom" Banks[5], that slacker youth, to get this year's event online. He's trying to make it a charitable pledge effort, which is cool. (Won't you be my Beard Pledge?) ATTN READERS: Any good ideas about what charity I could drive for? I have every hope of taking Fullest Beard again this year, but expect another serious run for my whiskers by Devin "Deep Follicle" Kaun[6].


[2] Yes, I have a visible adam's apple, so I'm not disqualified by the Ancient Canons of Hirsute Maledom{TM}.





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