Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gym regimen - September 2010

13 September 2010
90kg, BMI 25

0. Warmup: Exercise bike, stretching, barbell flyes, lat pulldowns, curls, squats

1. Dumbbell flyes (per hand): 10, 8, 6 @ 15–27kg

2. Lat pulldowns: 16, 13, 10 @ 50–70kg

3. Hammer-grip curls (H-bar): 10, 8, 6 @ 25–40kg

4. Delt flyes (per hand): 10, 8, 6 @ 15–18kg

5. Tricep pulldowns: 10, 10, 8 @ 25–35kg

6. Incline bench press: 10, 8, 6 @ 50–70kg

7. Decline leg press: 16, 13, 10 @ 150–180kg

8. Dumbbell stiff-leg deadlifts (per hand): 15, 12, 10 @ 18–27kg

9. Ab wheel crunches (kneeling): 15, 15, 15


I suppose I didn't take the Sun Moon Lake swim as easily as I could have. I did 3.3kg in about an hour, trailing a safety floatie-thing ("noodle" in Chinese), with my sandals and shirt tied to it, plus gads of people in front of me as I made my way. 27,300+ people are supposed to have crossed the lake. One man is still missing. Prayers for him and his family! After the swim I had to stand around for two hours waiting for my group to gather, during which time I prayed the Rosary. Then, after lunch, we had to walk an hour up the hilly road to get to our vehicle. A very tiring day. But well worth it. Had a number of dreamlike moments throughout the day but have not had dreams the past two or three nights.

Tonight a guy at Central, with whom I now happen to work, said I "look big" and "must have some power." I admitted, "I do… have a decent amount of power." He nodded and then guessed my weight at 90kg. Bingo. It was unusual, since I never thought I would "look big" to anyone, much less myself. But I am seeing some gains and I was actually taken aback last week when I saw some photos my girlfriend had taken of me during my Friday workout. I guess my large, tall frame is finally coming into play.

Stay tuned.

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