Monday, October 25, 2010


A: Have some fish.

B: Okay.

[B tries to fork one piece of fish but it is stuck to a second piece, which is apparently more than B wants to eat.]

A: Oh, come on, eat it all.

B: No, just one piece.

[A helps B sever the pieces, though with difficulty.]

A: 啊,有緣!

B: 有圓?

A: No, 緣份的緣。

B: Ohh. How do you say 緣份 in English?

A: [grunts] A bunch of B.S.

B: What?

A: No, I'm just being cynical. [sighs] 緣份,you could say, "destiny," "karma," "kith," "synchronicity"––

C: Fate.

A: 命運,yes, I suppose.

D: What's 緣份?

A: It has to do with the people you meet, your family, your coworkers––basically, your social destiny, who you will know and love and lose.

B: So, English doesn't have one word for 緣份?

A: [sighs] Well, we do have a word: "serendipity." How it's chance that I meet someone, and maybe it turns out to be my… long lost son… from, say, my last trip to the moon.

B: Oh, I see.

[C chews food, looks at plate, then breaks into laughter.]

C: Wow! Your mind really works in a different way.

A: Well… yes… but only the important parts. The rest I donated to charity. I said I wasn't using it. Who needs color vision anyway?

B: I don't get it.

A: It's all right. Just remember: Facebook is how you say 緣份 in English.


D: He could be on TV.

B: Yeah!

A: What?

D: I said you could be on TV. The way you act and make jokes.

A: No, no, that wouldn't work: I'm wanted.

[E breaks into laughter.]

C: What? I didn't catch that, what?

D: You're just a very happy, funny person.

A: Well, yes, but only on Sunday, after… 12 PM. The rest of the time, I'm a very angry, sad person. Have to stick to my schedule.

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