Thursday, July 29, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - July 29 - Chaste Fear

"Just from the fact that you try to avoid evil, you improve yourself, and you begin to desire what is good. When you begin to desire what is good, there will be a chaste fear in you. That fear by which you fear being cast into hell with the devil is not yet chaste, since it does not come from the love of God but from the fear of punishment. But when you fear God in the sense that you do not wish to lose him, you embrace him, and you desire to enjoy him."

-- Sermon on 1 John 9, 5

"...fear God in the sense that you do not want to lose him..." Hmmm, a strange and exciting idea. Cud also worth a good mindchewing.

Prayer. Lord, I now love you alone, I follow you alone, and I seek you alone. I yearn to be possessed by you.

-- Soliloquies 1, 1

July 29

May You see and smile upon even my failed efforts to avoid evil, O Lord, and make me strong. And may I, O Lord, see even better your powerful grace to love me.

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