Saturday, July 17, 2004

Rubber -- by Elliot Bougis

Looping down
Arching up
Wrapping around
The neck of a thumbtack,
Both removed from kinship only by the twotwist of a carbon spine
Roiling ‘round
Between the calciumstudded
Jaws of an Argentinean father
Who labors to pay for
The bottom of his boy’s soles
Diving over and over and over
The face of a twodimensional tunnel
Tires launch the author over
The highway, as the small pink pellet
Perches at the end of his craftsword behind his ear
Slashing through the air
Of a linoleumcrusted, sweatinfested room.
The paddle smacks the ball smacks back.
Its green pocked face reflecting pong to ping
Inhaling sharply at the stumbling touch of the ship
The squareheaded dockblock
Meets and greets the hull at midnight, and 12:01, and 12:02, and
Exhaling sharply at the sleepy exit of ship
To the other wharf
Its nylon threads stretching in convoluted company

[This is one of my favorites.]

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