Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Christian Heritage - July 13 - The Holy Spirit Comes to Christians through Christ

"As breath passes from the head to the members of the body to give them life, so the Holy Spirit comes to Christians through Christ. The head is Christ, the members are Christians. There is one head and many members, a single body consisting of the head and its members, and in this single body a unique Spirit who is fully in the head, and in the members by participation. Since then there is one body and one Spirit, no one who is not in the body can be vivified by the Spirit; as scripture says: Anyone who does not possess the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him [Romans 8:9 -- EBB]. Anyone who does not possess the Spirit of Christ is not a member of Christ. There is one Spirit in one body. Nothing belonging to the body is dead; nothing separated from the body is alive. By faith we become members; by love we come alive. By faith we receive union; by love animation. The sacrament of baptism unites us; the body and blood of Christ vivify us. Through baptism we become members of the body; through the body of Christ we share in that body's vitality."

Hugh of Saint Victor (AD 1096-1141), De Sacramentis II, II, c.I-II: PL 176, 415-417

Beyond cool.

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