Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - July 6 - The Love of God and the Church

"Love your father, but not more than you love your God. Love your mother, but not more than the mother that gave you birth to eternal life. Furthermore, from this same love of your parents see how much you ought to love God and the Church. For if so much love is owed to those who begot you to a life that must end with your death, how much more grateful love is owed to those who begot you for an eternal destiny!"

-- Sermon 344, 2

Prayer. Cling to the Lord with love, that your life may grow in the last days. Hold fast as well to the faithful, great, certain, and everlasting promises of God and to the unshakeable and ineffable gift of his forbearance.

-- Letter 248, 1

July 6

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