Thursday, July 8, 2004

The court calls John Kerry to the stand

Presidential candidate John Kerry faces an official canonical law suit for the crime of heresy.

A Catholic canon lawyer has filed suit with the Archdiocese of Boston, charging John Kerry with causing a "most serious scandal to the American public," for continuing to take Communion while being an active proponent of the grave sin of abortion.

Marc Balestrieri, a Canon lawyer and Associate Judge for the Los Angeles archdiocese tribunal, launched the suit June 14, which was released to the public on Sunday.

"Heresy is a public, ecclesiastical crime," Balestrieri told the Washington Times. "It affects entire communities. It is one of the greatest sins you can commit."

The ultimate result of a heresy charge, if entertained by the Boston archdiocese, would be excommunication from the Church. "My goal is his repentance, not excommunication," Balestrieri said. He is not suing for financial damages.

Truth finally speaks to power with the only power that amoral political power understands: litigation. I'll be watching this case closely.

You can read more here at the official website for this lawsuit, De Fide.

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