Saturday, July 3, 2004

More good news

AFROCENTRIC NEWS Network -- The Myth of Black Deviancy -- Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Ph.D.

It's a truism that you begin to live what you always hear. Black youths -- not to mention non-black youths -- need to hear some good news about the inner city. Dr. Hutchinson wants to tell it.

The true reality is that most blacks don't live this kind of [deviant --EBB] existence.

Nearly nine out of ten African-Americans aged 25-29 are high school graduates, and fifteen percent have college degrees. ...

The black high school drop rate is only marginally higher than that of non-blacks. ...

Twenty percent of African-Americans worked in management or the professions. ...

Nearly sixty percent of African-American children under 18 live in a married-couple family.

Also, other government and private studies show that blacks have lower rates of drug, alcohol and tobacco use than young whites.

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