Monday, July 5, 2004

My home - At least 37 killed in Pacific storm - Jul 3, 2004

I live in Taichung, Taiwan. Fortunately, I was able to stay in my apartment for most of the storm (hence I've been blogging, ahem, more than usual). All I saw was lots -- lots -- of rain and some thunder. Apparently, life was much worse in other parts, probably in eastern Taiwan. That's one advantage of living in Taichung: mountain cover against oncoming storms. Ugh, I'm so oblivious.

This CNN article says the Taiwan death count is at six, but the copy of the Taiwan NEws (4 July 2004) in my hand says "fourteen confirmed dead."

Taiwan's Council of Agriculture estimated damage to crops and infrastructure at $15.65 million, much of it from devastation of fruit farms. The storm also killed 23,000 poultry.

Mindulle, the Korean word for dandelion, moved more than 190 miles north of Taiwan on Saturday,...

In the Philippines, Mindulle killed at least 31 people, while 11 others were missing and feared dead, officials said Saturday.

At least 3,500 people were forced to flee to evacuation centers or to relatives' homes to escape rising floodwaters.

The storm destroyed more than $11.7 million worth of crops and livestock in the Philippines, and $7.94 million in infrastructure, disaster officials said. ...

Let us pray.

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