Monday, July 5, 2004

POSSIBLE Major Polio Outbreak Reported in Nigeria

Yahoo! News - Major Polio Outbreak Reported in Nigeria, 2 July 2004, by OLOCHE SAMUEL

The suspected outbreak was in Kano state, one of several in northern Nigeria that had shunned polio vaccination drives over suspicions the vaccines were part of a U.S.-led plot to render Muslims sterile. ...

The World Health Organization ... has sent a team to the area to assess the reported outbreak, a WHO official said Friday, speaking on condition of anonymity. "Unless tests are conducted, we can't say it's polio," the official said. ...

Nigeria has reported 259 polio cases this year. The figure represents more than 60 percent of the 339 cases reported worldwide.

It accounted for nearly 50 percent of 784 cases reported in a total of 15 countries in 2003.

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