Friday, October 15, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - October 14 - Seek the Lord

"Certainly, even the impious and the unjust seek God, so that after they have found him they may no longer be impious or unjust. But how are they already blessed while they still are seeking him?

"They are happy by their hope not because of what they have but because of what they will have. They are happy, not because they seek God but because they will find what they seek."

-- Commentary on Psalm 138, 2-3

And all this time I thought Vatican II infiltrated the Church with its universalist drivel (cf. CCC 840ff.)! As I said when piloting Mark Shea's CAEI: at a deep spiritual level, even for atheists, God, and the eschatological hope of glory surrounding him, is the punchline that keeps us telling the joke day after day after day. Heaven is the feast of laughter and Hell is the freely chosen darkness of never getting the joke you were made to hear.

Prayer. O God, you are the Truth and the Light of my heart. Let me listen to you and not to the darkness within me.

-- Confessions 12, 10

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