Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Eight letters... acht Sendbriefe... ochos correos... 八封信

That's right, last week I got the letter bug and wrote eight (long overdue) epistles to friends and family. Some of you dear readers are in fact recipients, so keep your mailboxes peeled! I hope this is the beginning of a new (or renewed) era of letters for Elliot. I love writing -- and getting -- letters. They move at a more human, more manageable pace than most emaildry. Stoked.

I remember during my first year of college I was getting overwhelmed by the unprecedented torrent of email from people I had always before spoken to in person. I put my foot down and sent out a few real letters. The torrent quickly subsided. For, a letter is a kind of gauntlet. It says I have the interest and self-discipline to sit down and write and send a letter -- now do you? Separate the wheat from the chaff, baby.

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