Monday, October 18, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - October 17 & 18

Praising God - October 17

"Does not our mouth daily praise God as much as our limitations allow? What we praise is great, but the instrument by which we praise him is still weak. See how we stand and pray to God at some length. Our lips move often in song, but our thoughts rove about through all kinds of desires."

-- Commentary on Psalm 145, 6

Prayer. The human person is one of your creatures, Lord, and its instinct is to praise you.

-- Confessions 1, 1

Aristotle believed all men by nature desire to know; Augustine believe all men by nature desire to know God. I agree with them both.

The Harbor of Life - October 18

"Removed from the high waves of the outside world, those who have chosen a quiet life are, as it were, in a haven or a harbor. But where is their expected joy? They will still find causes for regret and problems with temptations.

Let us love one another. Let the ships in the harbor be carefully arranged with regard to one another, so that they not collide. Let the evenness of peers and a constant charity be observed there."

-- Commentary on Psalm 99, 9

Prayer. May God in his mercy grant that every day we may be troubled, tried, disciplined, or make some progress.

-- Sermon 16A, 12

Well, lookee there, Augustine's captured my present lot in a single sentence. God, have mercy on me, a son of God, by having no mercy on me, a sinner. Have mercy on my faith, O Lord, by having no mercy on my sin.

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