Saturday, October 23, 2004

New Links Day!

  • Ni3 hao3 ma1? Get a load of this Awésomě Pīnyīn Cǒnvértèr!

  • Learn Chinese characters at 中文.com (

  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Möchten Sie lernen? Check out the LEO English\German Dictionary

  • Gustarìa lernen español und alemán? Check out this English/German and German/Spanish dictionary

  • Got questions? Get Catholic Answers

  • Got any, related, questions? Get OrthodoxInfo

  • In need of some reasonable apologetics? Peruse Bede's Library

  • The Anthony Trollope of Catholic apologetics: Dave Armstrong and his Cor Ad Cor Loquitor blog, where you can get a serious discussion of pretty much any topic under the theistic sun.

  • The Modern Day Summa of Online Catholic Apologetics: Dave Armstrong's Biblical Catholic Webpage

  • The Bible in 3-D: John Salza's Scriptural Catholic Webpage

  • Christos Anastasis! Fr. Michael Pomazanksy's Orthodox Dogmatic Theology

  • What's the story, what's so funny? Funny Stories (as well as cartoons,
    jokes, useless facts and more)

  • Enter the Bible online, in many translations, through the Bible Gateway

  • Enter the (full) Catholic Bible online, in the New American Translation, care of the USCCB

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church, care of the USCCB or, in a more organized format, care of the Vatican (also available in German,
    in Spanish, or in the original Latin)

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