Saturday, October 16, 2004

Augustine Day by Day - October 15 & 16

Brothers and Sisters at Peace - October 15

"Bad brother or sister, quarrelsome brother or sister, you are still my brother or sister. You say, just as I say, 'Our Father, who art in heaven.' Why, then, are we not together in one?

"It is not a friend, not a neighbor, who orders us to be in harmony, but rather he to whom we say, 'Our Father.' We have together one voice before our Father. Why do we not have one peace together?"

-- Sermon on John 26, 11

Prayer. Forgive us, Lord, all these things in which we have been led astray. Help us to resist being led away.

-- Punishment and the Forgiveness of Sins 2, 4

Bond of Fraternity - October 16

"O Catholic Church, true mother of Christians, you are right in preaching that God should be adored with an entirely chaste and pure heart. Indeed, to live in him is the blessed life. You also unite brothers and sisters to one another in a bond of religion that is stronger and closer than ties of blood. You unite citizen to citizen and people to people, not by a mere grouping together, but by the bond of fraternity."

-- The Customs of the Church 30, 62-63

Prayer. O Sacrament of love [the Holy Eucharist -- EBB!], sign of our unity, bond of our fraternity, whoever long for life have here its very source. Let them come here and believe; unite with you and live.

-- Sermon on John 26, 13

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