Friday, July 2, 2004

Addendum to my fisk of Watson the Ogre (below)

A reader commented about His Eugenic Odiousness:

It doesn't surprise me. He and Crick poached on the research of Rosalind Franklin (they were let into her lab by an angry ex-admirer of hers), never gave her proper credit, and after her death maligned her work, her personality, and even her appearance. Why wouldn't he be willing to kill his imperfect son? He's been giving evidence for years that it's ALL about Watson, and you'd better not get in his way.

I agree there's a tremendous amount of ego driving Watson's sick crusade, but I think it's very important for us to realize he's just a crusader: the crusade he's on is bigger than him. It did not begin with him and it will not die with him. That's what I meant by saying he's just taking our culture's basic assumptions to a further, consistent degree.

What we are seeing is a steady erosion of the life spectrum from both ends towards the middle. We are quite literally burning the ethical candle at both ends in our pursuit of the Life Beautiful. We have idolized the Aristotelian Golden Mean to suit our Culture of Death. The easiest targets, and thus the ones we're seeing go fastest, are the infirm: sick and deformed fetuses, comatose adults (e.g., Terri Schiavo), the profoundly mentally and physically handicapped, etc.

A little farther inward on the candle stick of life, and thus a little more protected for the time being, are the elderly, fetuses in any condition, and the mildly handicapped. This bunch is an annoying drain on social capital otherwise better spent on our sex lives and car accessories, but they still a vestigial cloak of value protecting them.

Somewhere around the center we find most of us bloggers and bloggees: basically affluent (in global terms), basically healthy, mostly urban and suburban, etc. Our portion of the candlestick will be the ultimate battleground, the final burning place, the smoldering last bite of Apollyon inching our way. The first shall be last. All the energy our society pours into self-preservation and enhancement (e.g., plastic surgery, botox, collagen, hormonal therapy, Viagra, etc.) is a massive, frantic, sprawling effort to stay close to the middle of the candle. We mustn't become too infirm or too slow -- the hungry flames of the Life Beautiful might catch us. And as the flames get closer and the temperature rises around us, look for the knives to be drawn. "Neighbor will turn against neighbor and the love of many will grow cold." As cold as collagen implants in a corpse.

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