Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BB Brainstorming II...

Look, all this bodybuilding and exercise helps me stave off depression, such as I occasionally need to. As does all my reading and cogitating.

Now, having said that.

…tweaking a 3-day routine…

A. Ur-Workout 1:
0. Warmup

1. Bench Press 5X8,8,6,6,4

2. Wide-grip Pullups 3X10

3. Barbell Military Press 3X10,8,6

4. Barbell Curl 3X10,8,6

5. Supine French Press 3X10,8,6

6. Squat 3X10,8,6

7. Leg Curl 3X20,15,15

8. Standing Calf Raises 5X15 Kneeling cable pulldowns (+obliques) 3X30
[We'll see about calf raises when my foot's better.]

B. Ur-Workout 2:
0. Warmup

1. Inlcine Bench Press 5X8,8,6,6,4

2. Bench Row 3X10,8,6

3. Dumbbell Military Press 3X10,8,6

4. Dumbbell (Flip-Twist) Curl 3X10,8,6

5. Elbows-out Extension 3X10,8,6

6. Leg Extension 3X20,15,15

7. Straight-leg Deadlift 3X10,8,6

8. Seated Calf Raises 5X15

C. Off-days:
Obliques 3X30 (or so)

Wrist Grip/Pinch 3Xfailure

Neck Bridge & Neck Flex 3X & 3X15

Jump rope
[Woe, woe is I! No more skipping till my foot is better!]

Hypothetical week:
Monday A.
Tuesday C.
Wednesday B.
Thursday C.
Friday A.
Saturday C.
Sunday ø

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