Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gym routine - August 2010

11 August, 2010
Ur-Workout: 60 mins (?)

Warmup: Biking and stretching

1. Bench press: 10, 8, 6, 6, 4**, 6 @ 55-80kg, 70kg
[**help from spotter on last two reps]

2. Pullup: 12, 12, 12 @ bodyweight

3. Barbell military press: 10, 8, 6 @ 25–45kg

4. Barbell curl: 10, 8, 6 @ 25–45kg

5. Elbows-out dumbbell tricep extension: 10, 8, 6 @ 14–18kg

6. Leg extension: 20, 15, 15, 15 @ 30–50kg, 25kg

7. Leg curl: 20, 15, 15, 15 @ 20–40kg, 15kg

8. Standing calf raise: N/A
[Moratorium on calf raises, due to foot injury.]

9. Kneeling rope pulldown (+ obliques): 30, 30, 30, 30 @ 73kg, 73kg, 73kg, 77.5kg, 73kg

10. Wrist curl: N/A
[To be done on an off-day.]


It rained like the Dickens this afternoon just as I was heading out for the gym, but at least this made for cool conditions in the open-air gym. And occasional drops of water on my face during the bench press.

Apropos the bench press, I was pleased to see yet more strength, particularly when I did an impromptu "cooldown" set of 6 reps at 70kg after my "final" set of 4 reps at 80kg. Assuming the weights at Central are not grossly inaccurate (!), this marks a new PR for me in my continued pursuit of a respectable-ish bench press. After a few more weeks on the Ur-Workout, I may go for a one-rep max (1RM) whereupon I believe I shall crack my college best of 205lb. Four reps at 80kg (176lb), even with the latter two being spotted, followed less than a minute later by 6 solid reps at 70kg (154lb) means I'm close to that level already. But, as always... Patience, Humility, Confidence.

On the flipside, I was definitely at a plateau with my barbell curl, sacrificing 'perfect' form for greater effort, especially on my last set of 6 reps. Stay tuned.

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