Friday, May 7, 2010


An article by Jeffrey Miller throws some chilling light on the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Marcial Maciel:

By now we know that the founder of the Legionaries of Christ Marcial Maciel had abused drugs, abused children, abused millions in Church donations, and worked under four to five alias in order live as husband or lover to a number of women. He was "Raul Rivas" (Norma Hilda's spouse and father of little Norma). He was also "Jaime Alberto Gonzalez Ramirez" (the lover of a Mexican woman and father of three children in Switzerland whom he raped). He also went by the name "Juan Rivas."

It has been recently revealed that Marcial Maciel refused to confess his sins on his death bed and that he refused Last Rites by saying to the priests at hand "I said no!" and that he "did not believe in God's pardon." The reaction led to the summoning of an exorcist.

I have to give props to the New Oxford Review for keeping tabs on this deeply unsavory mess for years ("Fr. Maciel & His Legion of Christ"). As in so many things, they weren't taken in and their obstreperous rigor was in turn little taken in. Strong drink, indeed!

And now we turn to prayer for the soul of even such a scoundrel as Fr. Maciel. God loves boring people and Christ died for the wicked so I think it behooves Christian charity to pray to the eternal bounds of hope for someone like Maciel.

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